Monday, May 21, 2012

Before & After: The First Floor Tour!

After a couple of months we're happy to report that the renovations on the first floor are pretty much done.  We still have a powder room to finish and then the fun part of adding decorating touches throughout the house but that's it! The transformation of the first floor is amazing, it's really incredible how new flooring and a can gallons of paint can really make a huge difference!

Here's our formal dining room before:

Here's our formal dining room after:

We took down the stucco ceilings, tore up the old carpeting and replaced with new hardwood floors, painted the room and added a chandelier! I look forward to hosting future Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in this room!

Here's our living room before:

Here's our living room after:

Just like in the formal dining room we took down the stucco ceilings, tore up the old carpet and replaced with hardwood floors, painted the walls and added recess lighting! None of the furniture you see now is staying and we're going to add an area rug and wall decor, too! We currently are using half of our old sectional because I thought the entire sectional broke up the flow of the room too much!

Here's our breakfast nook before:

Here's our breakfast nook after:

Again, we did all of the same renovations throughout the first floor but we also added a blingy chandelier from Pottery Barn! The table and chairs were a gift from my parents and we have plans to finish the table and add some fun fabric to the chairs when we have time...and of course add some wall decor!

That pretty much covers the first floor except for the kitchen which I blogged about here and the powder room which I will be sharing soon! 

In the mean time I'll leave you with a few bathroom before pictures and hopefully have the after pictures in the near future!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Before & After: Our Kitchen

I'm finally back after my little blogging hiatus, I don't know where the time's gone but we've been so busy lately finishing up last minute home stuff. On Saturday HGTV filmed our very last scene and we're really looking forward to seeing our episode come together, we'll share the date as soon as we have it! Since the house was cleaned from top to bottom the night before the film crew arrived I took the opportunity to document the progress and I'm here today to share the kitchen updates! We've done a lot of work to this room and we're really happy with the outcome, have a look for yourself!

Here are a few of the before kitchen pictures:

You may have noticed the Rocco's Pizza box on top of the fridge and the Diet Coke on the counter...clearly these are the essentials when renovating your home.

After all of our blood, sweat and tears went into the renovations we now have a beautiful kitchen! We can't take all of the credit for it though, my Dad was the one who had the fun task of painting our kitchen cabinets! This is another must have when renovating a home: find a family member who's recently retired and put them to work! Just kidding, Dad and really Thank YOU, our house wouldn't look the way it does now if it wasn't for you and all of your help!

Are you ready for the after pictures?? 

I still can't believe we went from this:
To this:
Can you?!