Monday, September 16, 2013

7 months!

Only two more months to go until we'll be welcoming our sweet baby boy or girl into the world! It's amazing how quickly my pregnancy has gone by and each day that passes really makes it feel more and more real. We're busy putting the finishing touches on the nursery, attending the baby classes and getting ready for our baby showers. Yes, showers with an "s", Baby B is already so spoiled with two baby showers, one hosted by my family in Annapolis and another hosted by my in laws in Philly! We are so grateful and really looking forward to sharing this special time with our family and friends as we get ready for the big day! 

Here's the official 7 month baby bump picture...this dress is getting shorter and shorter!

Over the weekend we celebrated the 7 month mark by attending Navy's home opener against Delaware. We had a great time watching Navy win and we're hoping to catch as many games as we can this season. It's crazy to think that Baby B will be here for the Army Navy game...although I will be watching that game from the comfort of my own home snuggled up with the baby!

I found an old picture in my phone of  last year's Navy home opener where I was sporting the exact same outfit, it just looks a little different now :)

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice fall weather, with just 9 more weeks to go I for one am very happy with these temperatures!