Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little More Living Room Progress!

 If there's one thing I love more than home diy and decorating, it's summer. The sunshine, warm weather, cookouts, vacations and so on just makes me want to spend all of my time outside. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the hubs and I have done lately which is reflected in our home by the empty walls and rooms {and lack of blogging!} Oh well, we needed a break, it was like renovation overload and once we got a taste of the gorgeous weather we decided to put the house on the back burner and enjoy ourselves. I do have a few little things to share with you and we have lots of wonderful ideas planned that we will get to eventually. 

I'm really excited to show you our new couch from Gardiners Furniture picked by the hubs himself, he has a knack at finding comfy and cute couches for a steal. Our last microfiber sectional was also picked out all by himself and I just loved it, however, the poor couch had a lot of wear and tear from Tanner and Gresham and it was also just too large in our new living room. I've been searching for the perfect couch forever, looking everywhere from leather to slip covered couches but we ended up back with a microfiber couch. They really are the best, especially when you have children and/or pets, they clean up really nicely and there's no need to worry about the dogs pulling out the fabric threads with their paws.  We are trying to be really diligent about keeping the couch covered with a blanket when we're not home so it stays as nice and clean as possible! Oh, and the best part? The couch was on clearance for $399 and Gardiners let us pick the couch up to save on delivery fees!

Here's Tanner and Gresham showing off their new couch but don't worry, the blanket went back on 3.5 seconds after this was taken!

 And one more picture without the dogs by the couch but rather peeking in from the back door!

This is how the couch looks most of the time though...they have a tough life!

Did you notice the new area rug and a few wedding pictures on the walls? Yay more progress!

We're getting closer but we still have a list of things we'd like to add in the living room like...plantation shutters, a coffee table, a tv stand, an accent chair and a few more decorative accents!

It's crazy to go back and look at the pictures from the very beginning to now...

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!