Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Year!

 Last month the hubs and I celebrated our one year anniversary {technically, it was one year and a day thanks to the leap year but who's counting?!} It's hard to believe a year has already gone by and we've definitely manged to squeeze a lot in on those 365 366 days! Just to name a few of the things:
  • We traveled to Aruba
  • We bought our first home
  • We renovated our first home
  • We starred on HGTV's My First Place television show
  • I started a new job with the Sergeant at Arms Office of House Security
  • Matthew started his LAST semester of law school at University of Baltimore (only four weeks until graduation!)
 Phew, no wonder the year flew by, we really stayed busy! To document our one year of marriage {and to give me more pictures to hang on the walls} we had a photo shoot with the very talented, Marisa, of Misa Me Photography, because you know, we didn't just take a thousand pictures a year ago, oh wait!
Below are a few of my favorite pictures, we even included the dogs in some of them! Although, as you can tell by the picture below they weren't the easiest subjects to shoot, they thought they were at the dog park and wanted to play! Marisa did manage to get a great picture of all four of us looking at the camera, if that isn't Christmas card material then I don't know what is!

This post  made me realize we're no longer considered "newlyweds", I guess I'll have to update my blog's title sometime soon, huh?


  1. I love the anniversary pics idea! Great pictures of you two! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I can't wait to get some of these pictures framed for my walls :)