Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Christmas & Some Changes!

Matthew and I celebrated our first Christmas in our new home and it was great being able to decorate this year! As some of you may remember, last year we were in the process of settling on our home and leaving for our honeymoon in Aruba so we opted not to decorate our rental. Typically, my entire house is decorated on Black Friday so last year was a bit of a bust but I tried to make up for it this year. We had a few minor issues along the way, for instance, our tree was too tall for the living room which is where I intended displaying it. The tree only fit in our "formal dining room" which I say with quotes since it's really just an empty room...a future formal dining room but what could we do? 

Along with adding some festive decor to our home we also made a few changes to the living room and breakfast nook, our home is really starting to shape up! I apologize for the bad pictures, some were taken with my phone and some with my camera. Santa did bring me a DSLR camera this year so as soon as I figure out how to turn the thing on use it I'll try to take better pictures.

Welcome to our first Christmas {in the new home!}

We added more furniture to our living room and this room is so close to being complete, we still need a few throw pillows and plantation shutters but we are getting there!

Remember when it looked like this?

We made a few changes in the breakfast nook, as well!

I decided to cover our chairs with a new fabric since the white fabric was looking rather dinghy and just overall so blah!

Here's the original chair:

And after with a little stripe fabric that I got for a steal since JoAnn's Fabrics were having awesome sales!

With festive new chairs we decided to finally get some paint on our unfinished table!

Add a little paint, distress the edges and tada a "new" table:

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, here's to more {DIYing} in the new year!

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