Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Inspection Updates and my {DIY} Address Wreath!

Today we had our home inspection and everything went pretty well, especially taking into consideration that this property is a foreclosure. I was prepared for the worst that's for sure but we only had a few issues here and there and nothing that surprised us.

The biggest issue we have to deal with is the moldy basement, aka Matt's man cave. After inspecting the mold situation this morning and then discovering that none of Harry Homeowner's work on the basement was done properly to begin with we've decided it would be best to just gut the basement and start over. We don't plan on finishing the basement right away since my "honey-do" list is already miles long but we'll get to it in a couple years. Unfortunately, Matt's man cave will probably become a playroom by then but he's being a great sport about it!

               We're still so excited that we've found our first place and we can't wait to move in! 

                                         Now my chandelier finally has a place to call home!
                                           It can be bought here! I snatched this baby up
                                           a few months ago because Pottery Barn had it on
                                           sale for 20% off and free shipping!
 ...and to celebrate passing the home inspection I decided to attempt my first DIY project! I've been inspired by all of the cute wreaths I've seen on my favorite site ever, Pinterest! For anyone that isn't pinning on Pinterest you don't know what you're missing, you have to join, you will LOVE it!

                                                         My inspiration came from here:

                                                          First, you will need these supplies:

                                                Then cut all of the flowers off of the stems:

                                               Then spray paint the letter and numbers:

                                              Then spray paint them again when you change
                                              your mind on the color. (Just kidding, but I did
                                              repaint mine because the black didn't pop enough
                                              against the dark wreath so keep that in mind when
                                              choosing colors!)

                            Then hot glue everything on (I'm sorry I'm a bad blogger and I don't
                            have a picture of this step!)

            And tada! You have your very own custom wreath (hubby not included)
            I had to add a B on mine though because I'm obsessed with anything
            that has an initial or monogram! 

                                        ...and a close up of my wreath, I can't wait until I can hang it up!

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