Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pins and Needles

Can the home search just be over already?! We are on pins and needles and I don't think we can take much more of this!

After seeing house number three we decided it just wasn't the right fit for us after all. 

Sorry, house number three, we know there's someone out there who will love you!
We left there feeling a little disappointed and wondering if we were ever going to find our first home. We decided to go back to Admiral Heights and ride around the community as we discussed what we should do next. As we rode around Admiral Heights we really loved the charm it had to offer but something still didn't sit right. We both came to the conclusion that this wasn't the one and we needed to pull our offer and continue looking (wahhh!)

Bye, bye house number one. You're a charming little thing but you just weren't "the one"

As luck would have it, earlier that morning as I was stalking Redfin's site (just like I do EVERY morning) I came across a foreclosure that looked really nice. I was a little worried that they only showed the exterior of the home but I decided to keep it on the back burner just in case.

Foreclosure in Black Walnut Cove

Back yard with an awesome deck!

Since Matthew and I were back to square one we decided to take a tour of the foreclosure...and we LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. It was even better than we imagined when we stepped inside and it had THREE WHOLE FLOORS of living space! Does it need work? Yes, of course but what foreclosure doesn't? And it's really only floors, paint, and a few appliances but for the price it's a STEAL.

We submitted an offer on Tuesday (sorry I'm just now blogging about this) and we heard back that there had been a third offer submitted and we needed to provide them with our "best and final offer." We decided to offer 5k more than the asking price so we could stay competitive and increase our odds of getting the home!

We were notified by e-mail that the bank has accepted our offer and now they need even more paperwork to make the deal official. We submitted all 800 pages of the contract along with our certified check this morning and we are ANXIOUSLY awaiting for the bank to sign those documents so we can have a ratified contract! Keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

Will this be our new neighborhood?!

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