Sunday, January 29, 2012

That's Some High Quality H20

Oh, Bobby Boucher, you'd definitely be happy with the new water system we've got going on in our home. Take a look at this beauty, and it only cost us $3,600, what a steal. We've never had a well before so this is definitely uncharted territory for us but we love the idea of not having a water bill!

 So, what does it do exactly?

In a nutshell, it removes bacteria, calcium and iron while softening our water. There's a lot more to it and I could describe each piece of equipment but I'll spare you, plus I'm still learning so my knowledge is limited!

We also have a reverse osmosis drinking water unit in the new house and I'm really excited about it! 1. The company gave it to us for free since the hubs is in the miltary, it's a $995 value. Gotta love free! And 2. it provides better than bottled quality water by removing 98% of the total dissolved solids from water. I'll drink to that!

I could have thought of plenty of ways to spend $3,600 but the Veteran's Administration (VA) would not approve our loan until we fixed the water issues. It wasn't ideal but we knew purchasing a foreclosed property meant it would be sold as is with all the repairs falling on the responsibility of the buyers. All in all the house is still an excellent value and we're so happy we found something that's under our price range with plenty of room to grow!

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