Monday, January 30, 2012

My {So Called} Mood Board...

I know this isn't the fanciest of mood boards that are out there on the internet but I wanted to share my recent purchases (yep, with an s, I've been a shopaholic today) that I've made for the living room!

First, I bought a rug...

Isn't it gorgeous? I love all of the green, off white and yellow colors this rug has! I feel like it has a modern-but-not-too-modern-to-not-be-traditional vibe to it if you know what I mean. Nothing wrong with being modern or traditional but I've always thought my style falls somewhere in the middle which is why the moment I laid eyes on this rug I knew I had to buy it! I first found it on a website called Grandin Road but I was able to find the exact same rug right here on one of my favorite sites, Amazon, for less AND free shipping! Whoop, whoop!

Then I started looking for accent chairs and OH.EM.GEE. when I say I hit the accent chair jackpot I mean I hit the ACCENT CHAIR JACKPOT. There are two things I'm absolutely obsessed with, anything monogrammed and anything houndstooth! Wellllll, it just so happens that Amazon (what doesn't this site have) had a light yellow houndstooth chair, and thankfully I was sitting down because let me tell you, I got so excited I practically fell out of my own chair when I came across it. I literally spouted off rambling sentences to Matthew describing my excitement over this incredible find, he wasn't as excited as I was but that's okay, I knew this chair and I were meant to be!

This picture really doesn't do it justice, it looks more of a check here when really it is a true houndstooth pattern.

I plan to get rid of the yellow pillow and find a fun green and yellow pillow to tie the chair into the rug, I see a Homegoods trip in my future...

I've also narrowed down a couch and (I think) a paint color which I promise I'll share with you soon (and hint: the couch is NOT leather)

I'm sorry to cut this short but my new book, Catching Fire, which like everything else in this blog, can also be purchased on Amazon, is calling my name! For those of you who don't know, Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy and I really recommend reading them!


  1. Thanks! I can't wait for you to see the new place :)

  2. Mockingjay is good so far too!

    Houndstooth is a great pattern!

  3. Oh, good I can't wait to read the book next, and I'm really excited to see The Hunger Games in theaters in March!