Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Bump Updates and Hubby's Swearing In Ceremony!

Baby B is really growing weighing in at 8 ounces already! Our doctor told us last week that most babies are around 6.5-7 ounces at this time but we shouldn't worry at all. 8 ounces is perfectly normal and we have a very healthy and active baby! Speaking of active, I still have not felt any movement yet and I'm really looking forward to those flutters so would you please hurry up little one?! At our doctor's appointment we were able to see our baby in 4D again and baby b didn't start stop moving the entire time which was so incredible to watch and I really hope I it means I'll be feeling something soon. The baby ended up in some crazy position making it a little difficult for the doctor to see everything but after they had me lay on my side and then walk around the room a bit the baby finally moved into a better position...uh oh, we have stubborn baby already! The doctor asked which one of us was the strong willed one in the relationship to which I replied "he is" and Matthew replied "she is" at the exact same time, yep, poor baby B gets it honestly! All joking aside, the appointment was amazing, we were able to see how our baby's spine, brain and heart were developing and thanks to technology we could actually count baby b's little fingers and toes...absolutely incredible! As many of you may know we are not finding out the gender even though we could have then {talk about self-control!} and our file is proudly marked with a bright green sticker alerting the entire office that we are NOT finding out the gender. I thought this was such a smart idea because I'm sure it's so easy for them to say the gender of the baby without even thinking twice but luckily for us that won't happen.

Even though we're not finding out the gender that hasn't stopped me from having fun with the different gender prediction websites! The Chinese gender calender has said girl which is funny because for the most part my friends, family and colleagues have all said baby b is a boy! The most recent gender prediction site says girl as well but also predicts I will deliver on November 17th, 2013! I started to laugh when I saw that because I've been telling my husband since day one that I had a feeling I'd be giving birth on November 17th or 18th...in fact I even had a dream that we had a baby girl on November 18th! Take it for what it's worth, this is just all fun and games and we won't know for sure until baby b makes his/her debut on or around November 21, 2013.

Here's the most recent picture of the bump, I will be taking the official 5 month baby bump picture next week!

Keeping with our exciting news, last week Matthew had his swearing in ceremony and he is  now a full fledged attorney in Maryland and soon in DC since he scored so high on the bar exam he was able to waive in! Yes, I'm bragging a little but I'm just so proud of his accomplishments, he's not just a pretty face, folks :) His ceremony was on Wednesday, June 19th at 9:30 in the morning and baby B, Matthew's dad and myself attended, Matthew would have loved  to include more people but he was only allotted two tickets! Afterwards we enjoyed a celebratory lunch and then Matthew being his hardworking and diligent self headed into the office to start his first day as an attorney!

 Below are a few pictures from his swearing in ceremony:


Last week was quite an exciting time for us and we're looking forward to the upcoming 4th of July long weekend so we can start tackling baby b's nursery!


  1. Congrats! So many exciting and happy things are happening for you guys! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Thank you so much! It's been an exciting time for us and the pregnancy is really flying, crazy to think next week we'll be at the half way point!