Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holy Indecisiveness: Light Fixture Dilemma!

Never in my life have I gone back and forth as much as I am now with decorating our sweet baby's nursery, in fact, I've always prided myself on being pretty darn decisive but not these days. Perhaps I'm struggling because sticking to colors that are strictly gender neutral is a bit tough or perhaps it's because a lot of the items I like are online and I just need to see them in person before deciding. Whatever the reason is I'm driving myself crazy with the second guessing and I'm reaching out to you for advice...I've asked the hubs but he's not the best when it comes to decorating and he insists everything I buy is "too girly."

The nursery has been painted a pale grey and the furniture, with the exception of the dresser, is white. I'd like the room to be soft and serene with mainly grey and white colors and just a pop of aqua here and there. Originally, I shared an aqua chandelier with you but I'm worried it may be too much color after all. I've found four light fixtures that I really like, three are at PBteen and one is at Ikea. Lucky for me I just received an email that PBteen is celebrating its grand opening at the Annapolis Mall this weekend so I'm really exited about being able to {hopefully} see three of the light fixtures this weekend. {Side note: when did my weekends become so lame?}

Here is the original light fixture and although I haven't completely scratched it yet I'm just not entirely sold:

Similar to the aqua light fixture is this one but I think I prefer it because it's all white:

Some of you may be aware of my love of bling which instantly drew me to this light fixture:

And finally, the last light fixture that I found is at Ikea:

It looks a tad funky by itself but I came across a picture of it in this room and I really loved it {also, that's the exact crib I have!}:

If I knew for sure Baby B was a girl then this would 100% be the light fixture but as you know we don't know if there's a girl or a boy on the way soooo it's not going to work out but I still had to share because I love it! Will someone with a baby girl on the way please, please buy it?

Thanks for helping a crazy indecisive preggo out!


  1. I really like the original aqua one you picked out. I'm not a huge fan of the blingly one. The IKEA one could be good. I think the aqua one is the way to go. Good luck!

  2. So far the original, white shells and Ikea light fixtures are getting the most votes! I think once I'm able to see them in person it'll help me decide :)

  3. I really like the original aqua light fixture. Baby B will like to look up at it. My parents had the bigger version of the Ikea fixture, and it's really cool. It makes neat shadows on the wall. I like either of those. :)

    1. The majority of votes have been for the shells and Ikea fixture! I do like the idea of baby having something to look up at, too!