Monday, July 8, 2013

20 Weeks on July 4th!

We celebrated the halfway point of pregnancy on America's birthday, I don't know if I'm more surprised that it's already July or that we're halfway through the pregnancy!

Happy Birthday America & Happy 20 Weeks!

I also took my monthly bump picture and some people have started to tell me that I'm starting to carry more like a girl than a boy {although according to my doctors how you carry is just another one of those old wives tales!} It's been so fun speculating as to what Baby B could be and I love hearing everyone's guesses, either way someone is right!

We devoted a good amount of our long weekend preparing for baby's arrival! I've been searching  high and low for a wooden highchair that I could paint and I finally found one on Craigslist for $25! 

The highchair is in excellent condition but I'll still be putting my touch on it by painting it a fun color!

I love the bright colors of the highchairs below but I'm also debating painting it an off white!

Hubby also started painting the nursery and it's really starting to shape up! We spent a good amount of time prepping the walls for paint because the previous owners hastily painted over everything and you could see so many imperfections. After patching a bunch of holes and sanding the walls smooth we were finally ready to paint! Matthew started painting the first coat on Saturday and then on Sunday my Dad joined in on the fun and they were able to finish the second coat. We still need to paint the closet doors and trim but then we're D-O-N-E until our handyman arrives early next month to hang the crown molding and bead board on the ceiling. We're making progress and it's feels great, I must have gone in there twenty times this weekend just to admire the wall color!

I'll share more nursery updates soon!

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