Wednesday, October 16, 2013

8 Months!

Today we hit the official 8 month mark and I can't believe that in just one month {give or take} we'll be holding our sweet little baby in our arms! I can't help but wonder if Baby B is a boy or a girl, if s/he'll have my chin or Daddy's nose...soon time will tell! My lack of activity on the blog is due to the fact that we've been so busy: we attended two very special baby showers for Baby B, we finished the baby's nursery, we had the baby's bathroom completely renovated, we attended all of the baby courses, we packed our hospital bags and so on! I promise I'll be back soon with pictures of the baby showers, bathroom and Baby B's nursery but until then I did snap the official 8 month bump picture to share with you now!

Baby B is getting bigger and bigger!

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