Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby B's Bathroom!

We had Baby B's bathroom renovated late August and I can't believe that I am just now sharing the pictures. I did have the bathroom painted twice and the first vanity taken out and replaced by one I liked better but other than it was a very easy renovation...since we didn't do anything! Matthew and I aren't very handy when it comes to this stuff but most importantly we do not have the time for such projects, the contractors were able to finish the bathroom and nursery in just two weeks, pretty amazing!  I really wish I would have taken before pictures of the bathroom because it was a disaster but between my baby brain and the quickness in which the contractors worked I didn't even have a chance so you'll just have to use your imagination!

You may notice a little white chalkiness on the tile but that will go away as we start to use the bathroom. I think the contractors said it's called grout haze and shows up more depending on the type of tile you use.

We also had our ceilings renovated because we used to have that ugly popcorn finish! I love the new look of the tray ceiling with bead board and crown molding!

You can see more of the ceiling details here and the new built-in. The contractors discovered a bunch of unused space behind the bathtub and made us a built-in which I LOVE!

The shower curtain and bath towels are from Target and the pictures and glass jars are from Homegoods!

We had built-ins installed to hold all of those baby shampoo bottles!

Here's a closeup of them!

The vanity! For a while I thought we'd never find one since we needed such a weird size. I originally purchased an off white vanity with a granite top but it looked awful. The off white vanity didn't look very good against the tile and the granite counter top looked way too busy with all of the mosaic glass we added. I ended up with a dark wood vanity and a white marble top, its simplicity compliments all of the mosaic glass  much better!

The mirror above the vanity and mosaic tile accents!

Another view with a bit of the ceiling! {Can you tell how much I LOVE the ceiling?}

I'll be back with Baby B's nursery on the blog this week, he/she definitely has the nicest rooms in the whole house!