Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...sort of!

Mathew and I are celebrating our first Christmas as husband and wife together, but if you were to see our home up until a few days ago you wouldn't of been able to tell we were celebrating anything, except maybe a hiatus from vacuuming and dusting? Our home has been really messy lately and we.just.don' Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, last year I had the entire place decorated (tree and all) the day before Thanksgiving but this year is a little different. Between the upcoming move to our first home and our honeymoon right around the corner (just 4 more days!) we've decided to take a minimal approach to decorating. And by minimal, I mean we don't even have our actual tree up, I have boxes and boxes of Christmas decor that will stay packed away until next season but we're okay with that. The last thing we want to do after we get back from Aruba is pack away all of the Christmas stuff AND everything else in this house for the big move. Ugh, moving! The word alone makes me shudder, I am not looking forward to that part, you never realize just how much crap stuff you have until you have to move! If anyone wants to help us we will pay pizza and beer, of course! Anyway, I digress back to the Christmas decorations (or lack thereof)! Thanks to my wonderful Mama she has saved the day and let us borrow her mini-tree. Pre-lit? Check. Two feet tall? Check. Easy to assemble (and disassemble, more importantly?) Check. SOLD. We'll take it, thanks Mom! I promise I'll decorate more on your birthday next year 8 pounds, 6 ounces new born infant Jesus. (name that movie)

Tanner checking out the tree:

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our Charlie Brown-like Mini Christmas Tree with ornaments and presents! 

And just because I love it so much, here's our Christmas tree from last year:

And a closeup with Gresham in the background :)

Unlike our house, Tanner and Gresham remain true to tradition and are very festive in their Christmas collars!

They look like this (Gresham's is red, though)

...Andddd just two more of my handsome boys in their Christmas collars:

  Mom! Stop taking pictures of us!

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  1. your house is NOT messy :) you MADE YOUR BED! props.