Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Happy Honeymoon on One Happy Island!

Mi dushi (that's my sweetheart in Papiamento, Aruba's native language) and I just got back from an amazing honeymoon in Aruba and it's easy to see why this place is commonly called One Happy Island! We had an absolute blast relaxing on the beach, snorkeling the Antilla shipwreck, watching the sunset on a catamaran, exploring the town and so much more! The island attractions of Aruba are truly endless and we can't wait to go back!  

Below our some honeymoon pictures for you to enjoy!

The first plane we saw when we landed, too funny! GO EAGLES!

Merry Christmas from Aruba!

I had to get my Dunkies coffee fix! I must say it tasted even better in Aruba!
On the catamaran headed to the shipwreck for snorkeling!
We went down the slide with our snorkeling gear on, so much fun!

...And off he goes!
Lookin' official in our snorkeling gear!
On the way back we relaxed on the rafts and enjoyed a nice cocktail
Representing Rocco's Pizza wherever he goes!
Even in Aruba I couldn't get away from Capitol Hill!
Enjoying his annual vacay stogie!
It's true!
Our honeymoon ornament!
Some of the shops in downtown Aruba!
One Happy Island!

Balashi, the beer of the Caribbean!
My handsome hubby!
Iggy the Iguana!
Iggy want a cracker?
The adult pool at our resort!
The cabanas in the pool area!
The view from our room!
And another view from our room!
On our balcony before the sunset cruise!
Getting ready to hop on the catamaran for our cruise!
Beautiful sunset!
Beautiful Aruban dancers!
Ahhh, Paradise!
One of our favorite beach bars!
Can we go back?!
Pool bar!

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