Friday, February 3, 2012

Just A Few Changes...

Look above. Do you see it? (I mean, can you even miss it?)
Are you even surprised that I've incorporated more wedding pictures into this blog? Probably not.
What can I say, I'm just in looooove with our wedding pictures so I figured why not share some in the title page so you can view them every time you visit! ...but that's not all, there are more changes! 
If you look to the right of the page you can see all of the new social networking icons! Now with just a click of a button you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, send me an email or even just subscribe to my blog! For all of those not pinning on Pinterest, I've said it before but I'll say it again, you're missing out big time! Although, Pinterest is like the Black Hole of the Internet sucking you in sooooo if you enjoy spending your free time away from the computer you better not join Pinterest. You've.been.warned.
If you want to join Pinterest then go ahead and click that little blue envelope under the connect section of my blog and email me asking for an invitation!
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you enjoy these changes as much as me!

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