Monday, April 16, 2012

Lighten Up!

Yay, let there be light! Over the weekend we made lots of progress all thanks to the help of Matthew's awesome step dad and we now have ceiling lights on the first floor!  I can't tell you how happy we are, it's been so difficult trying to work on our home when the sun goes down...ever tried painting in the dark? Eeek, not good! The new lights really make our home look even more complete and I'm so excited to share the progress with you!

Here's a before picture of the hallway with the stucco ceiling and original light fixture :

Anddd after! Sometimes I can't even believe it's the same house!

Here's a before picture of the formal dining room:

Andd here it is after! The chandelier is raised a little higher right now so we won't bump our heads but once we have a table in there we'll lower it!

Here's a before picture of the breakfast nook:

Andd after! This is probably my favorite new light in the house! I bought it at Pottery Barn on sale before we even owned a home! I just loved all of the bling bling and needed it ASAP!

Here's a before picture of the kitchen lights:

Anddddd here's the after of the kitchen light:

Here's a before picture of the powder room:

And the after of the powder room:

Anddd finally our very last lighting before picture:

And after:

Oh and I even got a little carried away (who me?) and added solar powered lights in the garden!

That's all for today, I'm so happy with all of the progress we've been making with the house and I'm finally starting to see the light! Haha. Get it?

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