Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

So we're moving, like really moving this week. I know we've been talking about moving for the past month or so but the bank finally got its act together and has given us the green light! Thank.the.Lord. I honestly didn't know how much more we could take, we've been in limbo for weeks now. We started packing up awhile ago only to realize the bank has two speeds: slow and slower, so we sort of put packing on the back burner until we knew the bank was seriously ready for settlement. So many minor issues held us up and if it wasn't for the hubby's constant calls and emails to the bank's title company/listing agent/closing coordinator/attorney I don't think we'd be settling until July (gotta love future attorneys.) The squeaky wheel definitely gets the oil especially when the oil is a bank that doesn't want to be pestered daily! 

So when will we be signing those settlement papers? Well I'd love to give you a date but unfortunately that's not how it works when you're dealing with a bank owned home, they pretty much say jump and we well, jump. I can tell you it's THIS coming week, either Wednesday or Friday, Thursday is no good since Matthew has a crazy day of classes. Oh, side note: Matthew will be graduating from law school in TEN months and I'm so proud of him! Not only is he a full time law student (taking the maximum credits allowed so he can graduate early) but also a law clerk, research assistant and in the Navy Reserves, I honestly don't know how he does it! Anyway, back to settlement, you may be wondering how this time is different? Hasn't the bank been stringing you along for months now promising settlement only to postpone until later? Well yes, they have and it hasn't been fun but the biggest setback we've experienced is getting the bank to give our title company the deed to the house for recording purposes. It sounds so simple but  there were so many issues that came up while we were under contract, such as an outstanding sewer bill, failure of the bank to record the deed with the county, lender required repairs and so on. Thankfully, the deed will be at our title company's office on Monday and then all the paperwork will be sent back to the bank for final review before settlement. I still can't believe it took the bank months to relinquish the deed to this property but its definitely worth the wait, Matthew and I are so excited to move into our first home! I'm going to bring my camera along for settlement so I can document this exciting time in our lives and I'll make sure to share those pictures with you once its over!

That picture made me laugh. I once heard a comedian making a joke about Facebook friends. He asked "how many Facebook friends do you have?" to which the person answered something like 326. The comedian then asked "and how many of them would help you move?" 

With that being said...who wants to help us move?!

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