Thursday, February 23, 2012

Model Envy!

I have a confession: I like to steal borrow ideas from fabulously decorated model homes! I can't tell you how excited I get stepping into these brand new beauties bursting with lots of home decor eye candy. Most recently, the hubs and I stopped by a new town home community downtown and the decor was absolutely fabulous! One of my favorite rooms in the house was the sitting room, it wasn't a large room but it was decorated with so much detail while not feeling overwhelming. I immediately began to take mental notes because as much as I love our new home, the first floor layout is a little odd and the living room is definitely smaller than I'd like. I've been toying with the idea of not using a coffee table as a way to save space but the hubby really likes something there so he can kick up his feet. I've been looking for smaller space coffee tables but nothing really grabbed me...until I walked into this model home! The interior designer is an absolute genius, rather than a coffee table she used two lovely garden stools right in front of the sofa! Not only are they such a fun shape and size but I love the idea of having something colorful right in front of the sofa! I was so excited by the idea I made the hubby sneak a quick picture of this while the salesperson wasn't looking. I'm pretty sure she caught us though, when we toured the back part of the house I could see that her office had a camera, ooops the hubs may or may not be on their surveillance camera snapping pictures of the home while I'm jumping around in the background giddy with excitement. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

I wish I had more of a closeup of these garden stools but I was really nervous about us getting caught taking pictures even though, like I said earlier, I'm pretty sure the salesperson was on to us...

How cute are they?! I want them.need them.gotta have them. Of course, I found them at one of my favorite stores, Ballard Designs, but they're more than I'd like to spend.

I love their lotus garden seat in blue!

and I really love their other garden seat but unfortunately it doesn't come in blue. 

I'm currently on the prowl for two beautiful blue garden stools with a more reasonable price tag. I went to to my decor mecca aka Homegoods and found the exact same stool as pictured above for only $49.99! I mean it looks identical to the above green garden stool, it's crazy! I would have bought it in a second if it were blue...but at least I have hope that you can buy reasonably priced garden stools! If anyone happens to find blue garden stools then puh-leaseeee let me know! 

I'm also really excited to share this next picture! The interior designer of this home chose the exact same light fixture I just picked out at Home Depot for my formal dining room! I was so happy to see the light fixture in a home not just hanging above with hundreds of other light fixtures in Home Depot! Yay me for having similar tastes as this professional interior designer!

Does anyone else like to visit model homes for ideas? Or is it just me?


  1. Which Homegoods did you see the green garden stool? The one at Waugh Chapel in Crofton? I need a green one for my living room. I've seen some good prices on garden stools on Overstock and on Wisteria. They have them on OneKingsLane occasionally too. The garden stool I found at the Homegoods in Baltimore was leopard print... yikes. Good luck on your hunt!

    1. Yes, I found it at the Homegoods in Crofton Tuesday night so it's probably still there! I was tempted to buy it but I already have so much green going on in that room I'd like to mix it up a little. I found a really pretty one on Wisteria for $129 so if I absolutely have to I'll break down and buy two...but first I want to keep my eye out since it's the time of year when all the discount stores get their summer stuff in!