Friday, March 30, 2012

Before & After: Our Staircase!

When Matthew and I first moved in we knew the stairs were definitely going to need updating but we weren't sure if we were going to keep them carpeted or replace them with hardwood. We decided to replace them with hardwood since the stairs are the first thing you see when you enter our home and it's an area that gets lots and lots of traffic...especially from our little four legged friends! Yesterday while we were at work the hardwood stairs were installed and I was anxiously awaiting all day to see the outcome! As soon as I walked in our home I was amazed at the transformation, they are absolutely stunning!

Here are our stairs before:

Here are our stairs after:

Aren't they gawwwgeous? They just make me smile every time I walk in!

Here's a closeup of these beauties:

The only problem now is the original banister is looking pretty beat up! For the time being I'm going to try and restore it by giving it a little TLC with some tung oil however, somewhere down the road I want to replace it with one of these banisters {but on a much smaller scale} that I've been swooning over on Pinterest!

Wow, talk about eye candy! Well, that's all for now! One project complete only to make me realize I want to update something else! Does it ever really end? :)

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