Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Search Is Over!

I know you're just dying for a garden stool search update, right? Ha, well I'm going to share it with you anyway since I don't have anymore home updates right now. Alas, my search for blue garden stools is over, hooray!I I can't tell you how many trips I've made to Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx all in search of garden stools for our living room with no such luck. I did find a few garden stools in the $60 price range but they just weren't the right colors, I toyed with the idea of spray painting them but I wasn't going to give up the search so easily! After my fruitless attempts at my favorite discount stores I decided to search more online. Surely my go to stores, Amazon and Overstock, would have something, right? They had a few but they were all upwards of $130 and still not the color I wanted!

Really Overstock, $130 for this? It's not even cute!

Just when I was ready to break down and spend $130 each on two garden stools at Ballard Designs {sssh, don't tell my hubby} a funny thing happened! I was on my OWN blog and an ad for One Kings Lane popped up, curious I decided to check out what this site was all about. Right away it prompted me to give them my email and password so I could join their site, eh, no thanks! I already receive SO many emails, even from the companies who I'm pretty sure I've asked to take me off their mailing list, and I didn't need any from One Kings Lane adding to my overflowing inbox so I left it alone. However, today for some reason I decided to suck it up and join, I told myself to stop being so dramatic, what's one more email? And what if there are things on this site I NEED, time's a wasting, I'm a fool. Okay, so perhaps I am dramatic, that's not the point. The point is that I fell in looooove as soon as I joined One Kings Lane, it was love at first, uh, click? You get the point, the site is AH-mazing! It's like a virtual Homegoods, don't get me wrong, it definitely has some pricey items, I was drooling over admiring a gorgeous coffee table until I caught a glimpse of the price, $700? Who cares that it's 50% off? That's just not going to happen! Ever. Besides, I just found out from my friend Ashley, who has her own very lovely blog, The Dostie Diaries, that I need a BOB stroller whenever I have children-and those things aren't cheap. If I start saving now I'll be able to afford half a stroller in the next two years, they're that expensive. Okay, there I go being dramatic again (I can't help it) but these strollers are expensive! I digress, where was I? Right, back to my new obsession, One Kings Lane, and all their fabulousness (yes, I know that's not a word!) If you haven't heard of this site yet then please feel free to click this link right here and share the love with all of your friends, they'll be so happy you did!

Oh, I almost forgot to show you my pretty garden stool that I purchased for $70! Yes, it's about $10 more than the garden stools I've seen at Homegoods but since this stool was already blue I don't have to deal with buying spray paint and then finding the time to actually spray paint it.

Isn't she lovely? I bought a pair and I can't wait for them to arrive! Helloooo new coffee table!


  1. Check out the google offer for OneKingsLane!


    I'm really thinking about getting it!

    1. Nevermind! The restriction says offer valid for new members only. Bummer!

  2. I was SO excited until I read the fine print but I'm contemplating creating a fake account under a different email! Ha!