Monday, March 12, 2012

Pardon Our Dust...


Well, the ceilings are complete and the track lighting is G-O-N-E! I can't tell you how updated our home looks, it's like hello 2012, goodbye 1973. But let me tell you, the dust is unreal, it looked like the inside of our home was covered in snow! I snapped a few pictures but unfortunately these were taken after the poor hubby spent a few hours removing the dust without me, bless him, so you really can't see just how awful it was from these pictures. Just use your imagine. My allergies are already horrible to begin with so I waited until there was more of a manageable amount left before helping him.

Look at the dust that collected on the basement steps:

Don't you just love that burgundy and gold? Not. The previous owners were big Redskins fans but we will most definitely be painting that! This picture gives you an idea of the dust, funny thing is, the basement doors were CLOSED during the sanding, along with the vents, yet the dust still managed to collect down there. Great, it's not like we're storing all of our worldly possessions in the basement or anything. Oh wait...

Here's some more dust on the first level. And keep in mind: this is AFTER the hubby spent a few hours cleaning it up so I could enter our home without having a massive allergy attack!'ll all be worth it in the end, right?!

Well, you be the judge! Here are some before and afters of the ceilings! What do you think?

Before picture with track lighting and stucco:

After picture with recess lighting and no stucco:

Another view:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Ceiling After:

So, what do you think? Worth it? I think so!


  1. Definitely worth it! It looks great so far Sarah!

  2. Thanks! The ceilings were a big pain but I'm so happy we did it before we moved in otherwise we'd probably never do them.