Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood You Look At That?

Nope, that's not a typo, this post is about wood, or rotted wood if you would will! Remember my whole one step forward two steps backwards post last night? Well, I have yet another example of some of the unexpected twists and turns you can discoverer along the home renovation journey! Last Thursday we were scheduled to have our hardwood floors installed and we were so excited we could hardly stand it! Having the hardwood floors installed really meant that our renovations were coming to a close and we were giddy with excitement at the thought of finally moving in! The hardwood floor installation started promptly Thursday morning without a hitch and they were even more gorgeous than we could have imagined. My family's flooring company was installing our hardwood floors so of course I knew we were in good hands (By the way, need flooring? Then call 443-510-5097 to speak to one of their highly trained team members, you won't regret it!) Gotta love a little free advertising for the fam :) Anyway, everything was coming along smoothly and the floors were almost complete when we discovered that the sliding glass door was leaking water into the house over time causing the sub-flooring to rot. I couldn't believe my eyes when I caught a glimpse of the rotten wood, how scary to think that's what was holding us up as we entered and exited the back of our home!

Rotted Wood:

Brand new wood:

 Old sliding glass door (with stacks of hardwood in front of it):

Can you see the fogginess on the left side of the door? That's from a broken seal in the glass which wasn't aesthetically pleasing to begin with but it wasn't something we were planing on addressing so soon. I suppose between a broken seal and a door being a quarter of a century old it was a long overdue repair though!
Here's our brand spankin' new door:

Isn't it pretty? And no more fog! We ended up going with the Anderson 400 Series patio door after researching lots of options and getting a phenomenal discount from Home Depot! Not only does Home Depot take great care of their military, they also take great care of new homeowners dumping spending lots of money in their store! This door not only comes with a lifetime guarantee but it will also be an excellent selling feature if/when it comes time to move! My parents have this same door in their house and it's approaching it's tenth birthday although you'd never know, it still opens and closes as smoothly as the first day they got it. We didn't want to be penny wise and dollar foolish so we splurged for the door because after all, it's expensive to be cheap! Especially when it comes to home repairs you should go for high quality, it's worth it! I can't wait to see this baby once it's painted a pretty shade of white and framed with some lovely trim...soon, I hope!

Oh and look how close we were to being finished with the hardwood before we had to deal with the sliding glass door!

Don't mind all of the dust on them, I've cleaned them a few times but I've given up! Between all of the contractors coming through our home and the dust from other projects I'm just going to have to wait until everything's finished!

Now you know the two biggest and unexpected issues we've dealt with during the renovations! I guess it could be a whole lot worse! We're oh so close to being D-O-N-E and we can't wait to share all of the amazing transformations with you!

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