Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Got Paint?

I've always loved color, anyone that knows me is well aware of my love of Lilly Pulitzer, but for some reason when it came time to picking colors for my house, I was SO nervous! I wasn't going to let myself just pick a neutral beige even though I felt so much more comfortable with that. A beige never really lets you down, it goes with everything and it's enough color to give your room just a little something, it's classic. This time though I found myself itching for color. Our rental was really a lovely place to start but all of our walls were beige, our furniture was very dark and I found myself accenting with dark colors as well! Now that we are homeowners (yay!) I really want to go lighter and brighter! But how? Have you ever picked out a beautiful color from a sample only to dislike it once its painted on the walls? I know I have. Just ask my parents about my glowing blinding lime green and hot pink bathroom when I was younger. Eeek. It was awful! What was I thinking? I guess my untrained eye had no idea that less is really best when you're looking at paint samples, often times the colors that look so blah on the samples are the colors that look the best on your walls! After a little bit of research and some help from one of my favorite DIY sites, Young House Love, I was off to pick my colors!

That's our cart filled with lots of colorful goodness during trip 1 of 128 we made to Home Depot that first weekend. Okay, so I exaggerate...a tad.

Thanks to Young House Love they made it SO easy for me to find the perfect green, Benjamin Moore's Dune Grass! It was just what I wanted, a light green color that was neutral enough to allow me to choose from a variety of color schemes when decorating!

The second color I chose was Benjamin Moore's Smoke. I discovered this color with the help of my parents, they're painting their foyer this color and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful blue!

For our master bedroom we ended up going with yet another color we discovered on Young House Love! What would we do without the wonderful ideas of John and Sherry? We decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Moonshine because it was a very light gray that would give us the freedom to change our bedding without having to worry too much that it would clash with the wall color. We have a wonderfully fluffy down comforter that I love to cover with different duvets throughout the year, it's an instant mini makeover and it really makes your room look completely different. I also love that it's very easy to strip off and throw in the washer after the dogs have lounged all over it with their muddy paws! My love for bedding runs deep and the fact that Homegoods has the BEST prices on duvets doesn't hurt either!

And there are our paint colors! I just love how the downstairs looks right now, the greens and blues are so relaxing! In fact, they say colors really can effect your personality, blues and greens are supposed to be tranquil and relaxing while reds and yellows are supposed to stimulate you and even increase your appetite. I always find it funny when people paint their kitchens red! Maybe McDonald's is on to something, huh? Anyway, we ended up keeping the paint colors in the extra bedrooms as they are since the walls are in good shape and we'll be using them as an office and a guestroom until we'll eventually have to paint one of the bedrooms...pink? Okay, so that's wishful thinking :) and of course I am joking, a baby boy is just as much of a blessing...buttttttt I wouldn't mind it if we had a baby girl first...one day!


  1. Love these colors! Can't wait to see them in person:)

  2. Thanks, I can't wait for you to see it! We'll be moving in next week and I want to host girl's night next :)

  3. Saw this post on YHL and it made me think of you. Hope the painting is going well!